Ethereum trading view: a new kind of crypto currency

What is Ethereum – it is a question of interest to investors who only delve into the cryptocurrency market and plan to invest money in a reliable asset. Such activity is easy to explain. Appearing only in 2015, the ETH virtual coin quickly gained popularity and as of September 5, 2018, ranked 2nd in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin, with a figure of 29 billion dollars.

In this case, the daily turnover of trades is 3.5 billion, and the course - $ 285. Not surprisingly, more people are interested in Ethereum assets and crypto screener, and technology itself is in demand in many sectors of our life.

The basic notion of ethereum

Ethereum cryptocurrency (informal name in some languages is also “Ether”) is a virtual coin and platform used to develop decentralized online services based on blockchain technology. This is a unique development created by Vitaly Buterin. When launching the project, the development team pursued the main goal - to provide cryptocurrency community with a virtual coin devoid of the shortcomings of BTC. At the moment eth has quite a powerful relative strength.

Despite a number of common points, etheur ethereum and Bitcoin can hardly be called similar. There are many differences in them, including in the applied technologies and characteristics. The emergence of ETH gave impetus to the development of new projects, including on the basis of smart contracts.

The definition of Ethereum

With this in mind, we can make an intermediate conclusion about the significance of Ethereum in simple words. The term Ethereum means a powerful platform designed to create and operate decentralized blockchain-based applications using smart contracts. Ethereum (ETH) is the currency of the platform, which performs two functions:

  • Used as a unit for multiple calculations.
  • Ensures the implementation of smart contracts, playing the role of "fuel" for the crypto network.

The history in brief

Fundraising, or historical ICO project was launched in 2014 using such a method of raising funds as crowdfunding or through a collective method, in other words “collective farm” (popular) voluntary funding, since “crowd” means nothing more than a group of people.

In addition, the developers collected in addition to $ 100,000 in cash in the form of a grant, another 31 thousand 590-odd bitcoins, which at the time of launching the so-called alpha version of the new digital asset was about 20 million American money or 16 million 102 thousand-odd ETH. First of all, bankers invested their money in this digital currency, because in the project they saw a promising financial instrument for the community based on intellectual contracts for placing bonds.

Excursion to the past

To understand what Ethereum is, it is important to know the brief history of this virtual coin and to study website broker solutions. Let us consider the chronology and economic calendar:

• 2013 - the foundation of the platform by Vitaly Buterin, who set the task to expand the capabilities of blockchain technology and increase its scope. He created a new virtual coin (so far only on paper), the functionality of which was not limited only to transfers and investments;

• 2014 - the ICO started, with which it was possible to collect about 31.5 thousand BTC. Already at that time it was a record amount, which was enough to implement the idea. Vitaly Buterin managed to convey to the community the advantages and features of Ethereum, considering its peculiarities;

• 2015 (July 30) - the full launch of the project;

• 2016 - immediately after the creation, the virtual coin was actively bought by network members, which led to a sharp increase in ETH.

The peak of popularity

In the same year, the protocol on services HomeStead changed, and another significant event occurred. Due to the external impact, the DAO platform suffered, as a result of which almost 40% of the funds collected at the ICO were stolen. The money was returned, but the reputation of the platform suffered.

For this reason, in 2016 Ethereum fork appeared, it was called Ethereum Classic. The reason for the separation was a split in cryptocurrency community, which is still going on. Many advanced experts predicted the rapid collapse of the

ETC according to williams indicators and other indices, but on September 5, 2018, the virtual ETC coin ranked 15th in capitalization and gradually gained in value.

In 2017, the mentioned problems gradually became a thing of the past amid the difficulties that emerged with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In particular, complaints about prolonged confirmation of operations within the network have become frequent. Some transactions took up to 1-2 days, which greatly unnerved people. For comparison, the use of Ethereum allowed less wait for the completion of the translation.

Many people realized advantages of the currency Ethereum and began to use it as a means for transactions, investments. Special trading programs appeared with the ability to join for free. Smart contracts based on Ethereum had no less demand. Against this background, the exchange rate price already exceeded $ 220 by the summer of 2017, and by the end of the year it reached the level of $ 1,000.

Ethereum trading view nowadays

Vitaly Buterin continued to improve his invention, which only increased the level of trust in cryptocurrency among Web users. Generally speaking, the appearance of Ethereum has revived the interest of virtual community in cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum platform has shown that the participants have at their disposal not only a powerful asset for investment and transactions, but also something more - a handy tool that allows to create useful startups.

The difference between Ethereum and bitcoin

The Ethereum network is a publicly available platform that has a decentralized nature and simplifies the use of blockchain technology, especially when we speak about the pair eth usd. These features arouse the interest of corporations, banks and other structures that are planning to make changes in financial sector. The platform is versatile and flexible, which allows it to be used to develop various projects on the Web. It is important to know ethereum bitcoin difference. This awareness will help you to understand better trading ideas educational ideas, especially if you are just starting.


Considering the meaning of ethereum u.s, it is important to understand the ambiguous nature of this term. On the one hand, it is a decentralized platform, and on the other, it is a domestic currency. This tool is used to conduct operations on the Web without spending time on bureaucratic procedures according to house rules that can vary

According to the feature request, Ethereum cryptocurrency is a payment instrument with great potential. On the basis of the blockchain of Ethereum, many issues can be solved, for example, to certify contracts without the involvement of a notarial authority. Unlike Bitcoin, ETH has more prospects, and its leadership (according to many experts) is only a matter of time.

Despite a great number of common points in crypto screener, Ethereum and Bitcoin can hardly be called similar. There are many differences in stock screener, including in the applied technologies and characteristics. The emergence of ETH gave impetus to the development of new projects, including ones on the basis of smart contracts.

How does it work: basic principles

When exploring the platform in the context of stock and Forex screener, it is important to consider two points - what Ethereum is and how it works. The first part of the question is given attention above, and now we will analyze the principle of operation of the virtual coin. To begin with, we note that the Ethereum virtual coin is based on blockchain technology. Also, we should study the basic notion of adaptive moving average. А chain of blocks, which includes information about transactions conducted on the network. After the appearance of the new blockchain element, making changes is no longer possible. Moving average can vary in different cases.

Instruction step by step:

The action algorithm is as follows:

  1. A network member decides to transfer a certain number of coins (for example, the specifics transaction can be abbreviated as “usd dis”);
  2. Other users who are engaged in mining confirm the operation and, if necessary, change their profile settings.
  3. The operation is confirmed by the participants, and the resulting item is added to the common circuit.
  4. As soon as this happened, the transfer is done.

Thanks to this feature, network operations connected with Ethereum trading view are faster than in the case of Bitcoin.

During the transaction, network participants pay a commission (called "gas"). This amount is sent to the miners for performing the translation processing work. Before the operation, the person sets the amount of remuneration for the miner. On September 5, 2018, the average commission is only $ 0.224. For comparison, in case of btc, this figure is three times higher - 0.761 dollars. If the user was greedy and set a low commission, the transaction may return and the operation will have to be carried out again. One of the most important indices in trading is is directional movement index. Moreover, volume index is also significant. Advance decline can influence results of the transaction.

Smart contracts

The second side and important feature of Ethereum is connected with smart contracts. These are special algorithms that guarantee the implementation of certain operations within the blockchain chain. According to the last trend analysis, smart contracts work in such a way that the execution of a specific action is relevant only when following the requirements set by the developer. To deal with the essence, we give the situation upon receipt in the rental office:

1. Features of cooperation - timely transfer of rental payments for the fixed price;

2. If the tenant transfers the money, he uses the premises;

3. In case of breach of obligations, the smart contract is locked at the entrance.

This is the simplest example, but it explains the principle of operation and the algorithm, which is individual for each specific case. Advantage of the platform is that it is decentralized. This means that there are no intermediaries between the participants (the recipient of the service and the owner of the premises).

Today, smart contracts are the basis of all ICOs, which guarantees the transfer of coins to depositors after transferring Ethereum to specified wallets. Transfer can be executed by special programs with a 30-day free trial.

The sphere of application

Understanding the question and strength of Ethereum cryptocurrency, it is important to capture the scope of application of the virtual coin according to important world indices. It was noted above and in some ideas published followers that making transfers is only one of the functions of ETH. Today Ethereum is used in the form of a payment instrument, an object for investment, as well as a platform for creating convenient blockchain-based applications. The latter function allows you to use Ethereum in many sectors of life - in medicine, politics, sports, banking and so on.

Opened platform

The platform for broker solutions is open in nature, so everyone has access to it and the right to make edits. The most interesting projects created on the basis of Ethereum include special platforms for banking institutions and investment funds with fixed rules. You can also highlight FreeMyVunk (an application that allows you to monetize the rating in video games), The Rudimental (crowdfunding project for representatives of creative professions) and so on.

Basic functions

In addition, the network Ethereum can solve the following tasks:

  1. Create complex smart contracts used to manage different processes;
  2. Develop applications of varying complexity;
  3. Convert various trading assets, including jewelry, into tokens;
  4. Open decentralized exchanges;
  5. Implement user identification services;
  6. Verify the authenticity of contracts, make their analysis and so on.

Future prospects

Undoubtedly, Ethereum is a promising crypto currency with great prospects. Even a quick glance at the chart of quotations of this cryptocurrency can not be an argument in that, as the optimists say that the glass (the ETH ecosystem is a kind), is rather full than, as skeptics say in such a situation, empty.

Moreover, the sphere of smart contracts has a rapid growth, having moved from finance to such important sectors as medicine and education, not to mention such industries as real estate and even public activity. Analysis of charting library simplifies the usage of these contracts.

Moreover, there is information that Putin and Buterin discussed the possibilities of the blockchain, so to speak in the context of Russian national characteristics and indirect confirmation of this was the presidential instruction to develop by the middle of this year legislative drafting of initiatives in the field of digital assets, as the basis of the digital Russian economy.

In his annual message, the president gave part of his address to this idea, and the May decrees of 2018 also mention that one of breakthrough directions for the next 6 years should be the digital economy.


Flexibility of Ethereum in trading, as well as the presence of "smart" contracts make cryptocurrency truly interesting tool for investments. Already today the platform is used by many giants of the market, such as Sberbank, Intel, Microsoft and other companies. There I a possibility of a pro 30-day free trial of some platforms. Practice shows that if such large “players” of the market are interested in the product, this means that it is well studied and worthy of the attention of investors.

Now you understand the features of Ethereum, what it is in simple words, what is the difference from Bitcoin, as well as what pros and cons it is important to know for a website broker. This information is enough to realize the prospects of cryptocurrency and, possibly, to become one of the investors.

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