Where to find reliable and useful information for traders and those who only want to join this trade direction

In this article we describe the trends inherent in the development of literature and information portals on the topic of cryptocurrency trading and the possible development in these areas. You can also see a brief, but quite understandable overview of popular and useful books on cryptocurrency trading for those who would like to connect their lives with the cryptocurrency trade and achieve incredible success in the field of brokerage. If you want to be more successful thanks to cryptocurrencies, read this article to expand your horizons in this matter. There are many sites on which lists of the most worthy cryptocurrencies are constantly published, on which you can bet to become successful. Every year the market volume between currency funds is redistributed, therefore it is necessary to keep abreast.

Everyone speaks about cryptocurrency. The excitement around new electronic money sometimes resembles a fever. Everywhere blockchain is discussed, the appropriateness of investing in Bitcoin and Altcoins. However, many do not understand what they are, so you can hear phrases like: «well, this is again some kind of financial pyramid». Therefore, it is necessary to read the books described below at least to eliminate illiteracy.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is electronic money, but they are somewhat different from the classic WebMoney or Yandex.Money. It has many unique elements, namely:

1. Independence. Cryptocurrencies are not tied to any central bank. Their rate is determined solely by market mechanisms.

2. Decentralization. The cryptocurrency is managed through the blockchain - a kind of diary in which all transactions are recorded. And it is stored in many places. Therefore, if hackers can crack a part of the system, another will recover lost or changed data.

3. Anonymity. If the wallet owner does not announce his bitcoin details himself, it cannot be identified. At the same time, this approach has drawbacks: Bitcoin is actively used by drug and arms dealers.

With regard to investment opportunities, cryptocurrency investing is a very volatile asset, so it is good for short-term trading. Until recently, it was believed that the same Bitcoin is growing steadily. But at one point the market reached oversold, after which the price sharply went down.

Cryptocurrency investing is perhaps the best way to make money on the Internet. The cost and popularity of virtual coins will continue to grow, and the blockchain technology will spread and be introduced into many sectors of the economy.

Authoritative literature on this topic

In the modern world, making money with the help of cryptocurrency investing is becoming very popular, because everything is convenient and profitable if everything is done correctly. In order to get interesting, useful, and most importantly - useful information on this topic, it is advisable to read books on cryptocurrency trading. They are engaged in analytics or trading in the cryptocurrency market. Mastering bitcoins is one of the main steps required for successful cryptocurrency trading. Books on cryptocurrency trading can help even an inexperienced person to grasp the essence of investment and blockchain technology. Thanks to them, you can make a decision about the appropriateness of investing in digital internet of money.

Books on cryptocurrency trading

Distinctive features of great traders are flexibility of mind and the ability to think broadly, as well as recognition of hidden from other market opportunities. We recommend to get acquainted with the submitted lists of literature devoted to this issue for the expansion of personal range. In the circles of caring people are constantly updated and compiled lists of the best books that are devoted to the topic of cryptocurrency:

  • "Ten best books оn cryptocurrency trading" (real search: "Amazon cryptocurrency search, rating not lower than 4+").
  • “Ten books that are recommended for each crypto trader to read” (real search: “The most complete list of books created by well-known crypto traders that you definitely need to read”).
  • Other lists of “classically written” manuals on the topic of investing in cryptocurrencies (real search results: “Books that are outdated and only suitable for eliminating the voids on your shelves”).

Books about cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO very quickly lose their relevance: technologies are developing, new laws are emerging, the market situation is changing rapidly. This article contains the best books that did not have time to become obsolete and will allow the reader to get the latest information about the era of cryptocurrencies and the state of affairs in the crypto community.

The most top books for novice traders

Today on the Internet you can find a lot of resources that help a beginner understand how cryptocurrency markets work. We have selected the best of them in several categories at once - books, podcasts, movies, etc. We hope that these materials will help you learn how to invest in digital money correctly. Books on cryptocurrencies trading once again prove that a new technology is really a breakthrough not only in financial, but also in other areas. Several leading global and Russian startups in the blockchain field have been studied and reviewed.

Books will appeal to anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency technologies. It is safer and more ethical to purchase such publications in online stores, for example in Ozon.ru, Labirint.ru, but Litres.ru provides more choice and low prices. Books on trading cryptocurrency are required to read every investor who wants to invest money is profitable.

Peter Lynch Method – «Strategies and Tactics for Individual Investors»

First we will look at a book about the Peter Lynch Method - “Strategies and Tactics for Individual Investors”. The publication of labor took place in 1989, but many facts will be very useful for modern novice investors. She is a terrific source of information. Those who want to make long-term investments in cryptocurrency need this book: the book will serve as an indicator to identify new winners in the markets. Today, all types of information flows are transmitted at high speed, and it may seem that the search for promising projects, about which none of their other investors have heard, is impossible. It is necessary to remember about the prospects of assets of decent potential and long-term growth with the necessary development of the those skills that are endowed with the author of the book. Lynch's work is an expression of desire to look into the future and the ability to distinguish reserves earlier than opponents.

The book «Bitcoin and blockchain. Acquaintance with cryptocurrency. The author is Alexey Shvedov»

This book will definitely appeal to anyone who is familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. This work does not claim to the title of scientific literature. It presents the basics that will help significantly improve skills and make safe your first experience with the cryptocurrency market. The book is a concentrate of useful information that is collected in one place for the convenience of those who want to earn good money. The distribution of the book is carried out free of charge in electronic form and it contains referral links that the author left for readers to purchase services or goods. You can easily find a well-structured text with many subject sections to find the necessary useful information for yourself. These are security technologies in trade and an abundance of approaches to making money on cryptocurrencies.

The insider buys super stocks: excellent laws about turning $ 46,000 into $ 6.8 million (14.972%) in 28 months. Jesse Stein

According to Jesse, this publication is supposed to play the role of the Bible for each trader, and it should be the basis of all technologies for teaching trade. The author was able to get rich in the classic market, which is rarely found outside the boundaries of new forex and crypto banking. In this edition, the author successfully and in detail described the psychological state of traders during the first victories and defeats, and also considered the difficulties associated with emotional instability and the need to expose themselves to enormous risks.

Stein provides graphic illustrations that display the activities of both fundamental and technical reports in practice. Such an analysis has been described in several types of information sources, but, according to Jesse, they truly, reliably and fully expand the main directions and principles of work, therefore their separate use in trade is permissible. The author also mentioned the sale of assets, in which we are talking not only about financial publications.

Technical analysis of financial markets. The author is John J. Murphy

This publication takes into account current market trends, provided the most comprehensive recommendations for analysis. Readers will find an abundance of contrasting models and examples of statistical data. The author advises you to learn each way, studying the book from beginning to end to select the most optimal patterns. Also, the author recommends forgetting the irrelevant.

It takes a lot of time to master the enormous amount of information, but in the course of acquaintance with various templates, each reader will have the opportunity to choose and concentrate solely on truly valuable positions. The book will give a chance to learn the effectiveness of the selected templates, their logical sequence and calculate the moves in the long term, but you can also notice other good and effective options.

Combo: Turtle Trail and Turtle Traders. Legendary history, its lessons and results. The authors are Curtis Face and Michael Kovel

It is recommended to read the named publications as a single book, because a view from all sides is offered on one topic. In The Way of the Turtles, author Curtis Faith, the first turtles dealer, gives a deep insight into the psychology of the markets and the possibilities of its influence on those who play. The author argues: for real success in the market, you need not only to know how to deal with entry and exit points - it is much more important to be able to manage your emotional state and have patience to think about the future. This is where the main postulate of trading appeared: to master the trading it is important to learn to master yourself.

The second book is “Turtles-traders. Legendary history, its lessons and results "- written by Michael Covel, who for a long time studied the work of Faith. While the “Turtle Path” considers the emotional component of trading, Covel focuses on more mechanical systems. For this, the author suggests the reader to familiarize himself with the heuristic set of rules, the purpose of which is to remove emotions from trading and replace them with statistical data. In his book, Kovel is quite skeptical of Feith, noting his unpredictability and ability to go around the rules that not all traders can afford. Both books play well in contrast and offer several points of view.

Following the trends: How to make a fortune in the markets of bulls, bears and black swans. Author - Mike Covel

Michael Covel is one of two authors whose books are mentioned in this list twice. In this edition, Covel examines trends that have brought huge profits to his followers in the market, and tells which of them should be closely monitored.

Traders who follow trends, adhere to a special strategy that does not try to predict a reversal and changes in the market. Their goal is to catch profits from trading in an upward or downward market. This book is devoted to the mechanical and psychological components of trading, and therefore there is no detailed description of such things as pattern charts and trend lines. Instead, the author studies the work and thinking of the best traders in the market.

Market Mages and New Market Mages By Jack D. Schwager

Jack Schwager is a renowned financier, successful trader and author of the series of financial bestsellers "Market Mages." All series are presented in the form of the most successful and successful traders.

The first book of one series was released in 1989, when it was released in 1994, when computerized trading was very popular. Both editions offer a wide range of opinions on how to achieve success in various styles. The authors of this book believe that she has serious risks. Mathematics Wikime Eckhard, who has always been distinguished by calm and composure. Despite their radically diversified approach to trading, they could not find a common language and become a legendary team in the world of trading. Both books are required to read any trader trading on the forex, crypto or stock market.

Selling and the game for a fall. Author - Alexander Elder

The title says that this book describes the features of the mechanisms of games for a fall and a mandatory understanding of the resources of trade in the emerging market and in its destruction. Traders are encouraged to invest in long-term projects. But for those who want to master the principles of choosing the right cryptoactive assets, the work on selling and falling games is very necessary for familiarization, because with its help you can quickly make money in places where others are defeated.

Psychology of critical thinking. Authors - Simon Bradley and Nicole Price

This work will help with the development of the ability to think critically. The book should help improve your successful trading skills or make a successful person in general.

The book describes the mechanisms that are characteristic of the psychology of critical thinking. A person asks the right questions, analyzes information with the help of affirmative conclusions and allows to adapt the results of use to the state and difficulties in the market.

In order to create profitable algorithmic trading systems, it is necessary to carry out a transfer from intelligence analysis of information to Monte Carlo design and natural trading. Author - Kevin Davey

Kevin Davey has been a professional trader for many years and has been developing trading systems. This successful person has created a detailed guide for creating algorithmic systems. This book will not only explain the processes of creating your own system from scratch, but also tell you how to test it correctly in practice.

Many beginner algorithms, after building their systems, test them on past data, which makes the obtained test results unreliable, and their systems are not ready for unforeseen trading circumstances. Of course, no system can be perfect in all cases, but the correct test ensures that it will survive under various adverse conditions. In Kevin Davey’s book, traders learn about different testing methods: from WFO analysis (walk-forward optimization) to Monte-Carlo simulation, which will allow you to build the most reliable alt-trading system.

The first 20 hours. How to quickly learn ... anything By Josh Kaufman

As the name suggests, in this book, Josh Kaufman will tell you how to learn anything in no time and how to memorize and use new knowledge correctly. Ultimately, our ability to learn has a direct impact on our worldview and the quality of life in general.

Forget the rule of 10 thousand hours required to learn any skill. This little yellow book will tell you how to do it much faster by resorting to numerous experiments, trials and errors. The faster you accomplish them, the sooner you will understand how a particular rule, science or skill, works.

Сonclusions and offers

To become a professional investor who is able to accurately predict the dynamics of the market, it is necessary to constantly receive new knowledge, explore the most promising strategies and apply them in practice. Of course, nothing will replace your own experience, but if you put maximum effort into your development in this direction and absorb the experience of veterans of trading, then the chances of success will be much higher. However, not everyone can master this amount of information. At the request “books on trading cryptocurrency” search engines give so many results that you can get confused. That is why the experienced specialists of Golden Island have compiled a free course for beginners, in which they collected only the proven and best tools for making money on cryptocurrency! Looking for a way to get rid of the need to work for a penny five days a week for 8 hours? Then the Golden Island Investment Club is what you need! Just get trained, get recommendations from crypto portfolio professionals and take the first steps towards financial well-being!

As we can see, there are a lot of books and other sources devoted to the topic of cryptocurrency trading, and the lists of useful relevant sources are constantly changing. To learn how to work with cryptocurrencies investing and to make good money on it, you need to use the experience and feedback of proven trusted traders and open reality. Earnings using the Internet of money is currently very popular, because it is so fast and profitable

In order not to burn out on the first installment or project, you should consult with many people who know the topic. There are sections on websites and forums dedicated to clarifying the answers to the most important questions regarding cryptocurrency trading. Try today what yesterday caused you surprise and doubt. Each new step in the direction of currency trading can make you incredibly rich, happy and independent.

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