5 Best Crypto Trading Simulators

Cryptocurrency trading always involves risks. People that are not acquainted with the topic have a high chance of losing all their funds. That is why crypto trading simulators were created.

With their help newcomers can learn the basics of trading without any risks. The service gives the trader a virtual account that completely simulates a real exchange market. It’s good for learning the basics and it also gives a possibility to understand whether this activity is good for you.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy is a game that simulates the cryptocurrency trading market. Players receive a starting sum of $100 000 00 virtual US dollars that can be spent in various contests. There is a possibility to see other peoples results.

This simulator has a lot of pros. Here are some of them:

  • It’s realistic;
  • the internal virtual currency (ACF) can be exchanged into real money;
  • newcomers are taught the basics of trading;
  • there are a lot of contests;
  • it’s a great possibility to learn while playing.

Depending on the contest, players have to look after the price changes, buy and sell coins at the exact moment to get maximum profit, guess the future price for Bitcoins etc. This way it is possible to test almost every aspect of this activity.

Altcoin Fantasy doesn’t only allow players to simulate trading, but also gives some educational materials that might be helpful. Additionally there is a section with recommended places for buying cryptocurrencies.

There is a live discord server as a widget in the site. In it people can discuss any topic, get additional support and help, get acquainted with the FAQ and other stuff.

How good is it?

Overall, Altcoin Fantasy is a decent variant to test your skills. The competitiveness will motivate you to achieve the best results and that can only be done by proper market analyzing and having some luck. The best thing is that you can learn while playing, thus not losing any interest in the topic.

Bitcoin Hero

If there is no need in tutorials and only practice is required, Bitcoin Hero is the best choice. Registration is not necessary. Traders can use a guest account or login with Facebook.

An amount of $10 000 00 virtual dollars is automatically given to every account. This sum can be spent to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. This can be done by clicking on the cryptocurrency logo and choosing the cash you want to spend. The service allows buying coins for 100, 250, 500 and 1000 dollars.

There is a live graphic that is updated every second. It is important to catch the right moment for maximum profit. As in the previous site, here is a leaderboard with other peoples results. Players from all around the world can be found there. The developers even added an achievement system that helps you feel your progress and stay interested.

What’s good about it?

As we see, this is the most basic simulator. Let’s some up it’s advantages:

  • Great design;
  • live graphic;
  • simple to use;
  • leaderboard and achievement system;
  • no need for registration;
  • just practice.

If you feel that you have got enough theorie lessons, them try using Bitcoin Hero to see how good you are when it comes to practice.


If you are searching for a complete crypto trading simulator with most possible aspects, one of the best choices you can make is CoinMarketGame. Registration is required. Newcomers start with a sum of $20 000 dollars.

There are four sections: portfolio, market, leaderboard and profile. The first section shows how successful you are. The second one, of course, is used to buy 23 cryptocurrencies. Here can be found such information, as the current price per coin, the percentage change for the last 24 hours, the market cap, the available and total supplies. In “Profile” you can delete your account, reset your progress and edit your personal information.

What do I start with?

Everything starts with an empty portfolio. The first thing that must be done is to buy some coins. That’s how you do it:

  1. Open the “Market” section.
  2. Analyze all available information to choose the most profitable currency.
  3. Press the green “Buy” button.
  4. Enter the amount you want to buy.
  5. Check out your portfolio and look after the price changes after that.

There is no need to switch to the “Market” every time you want to see the price change for the coins you’ve bought. That is possible in the portfolio. One of the cons of CoinMarketGame is that you have to refresh the page manually to get the freshest information.

So, here we have a good trading simulator that helps people to practice their analyzing skills. Why not try getting to the top of the leaderboard?

Spark Profit

Spark Profit is available for Android, iOS, and PC (browser version). The main idea is to predict the future price of the selected cryptocurrency. You can even do the same thing with oil, currency exchanges etc. If any help is needed, you can use the tutorial.

You have to choose whether the price for the selected item falls or raises. Both long- and short-term predictions are available. It might seem simple, but you never know what might happen at the market.


Spark Profit also allows you to win some rewards if you are really good at this thing. Let’s check out all the advantages:

  • 19 available currencies for practice;
  • support of long- and short-term predictions;
  • rewards if you are successful;
  • available for mobile platforms too.

Before spending real money on trading, try you luck on Spark Profit. If you end up bankrupt, better keep your money in the wallet and get more practice on such free services. Better be prepared!


If Spark Profit seems to be easy for you, try Bitmex. This is a completely other level or trading simulations. It also is one of the most popular services and is available in 5 languages.

It might be complicated to get used to the design, but it’s worth it. Here you have 11 possible variants to receive profit. At first, you should choose a long- or short- term prediction for the selected currency. After that you can apply leverage. It can increase your profit and loss up to 100%. After that all you should do is wait for the results.

If you need more “money”, you should get acquainted with the Bitmex tutorial. There you will find out how to get more free test Bitcoins.


Even though Bitmex might seem complicated for a newcomer, it’s a really good experience. This is what you can get here:

  • Find out more about how trading works;
  • learn how to analyze market information properly;
  • get enough experience for real trading.

To sum up, it’s really one of the services you simply must try out to become a professional in this sphere.


We have gathered 5 different crypto trading simulators for different people. You can learn by playing as a newcomer or get more practice as an experienced trader in a completely realistic service.

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