Newcomers to crypto trading need to know what is bitcoin trading at currently

Bitcoin is growing we hear odes of cryptocurrency, falling widespread condemnation. Even within the same head, a diametrical change in attitude towards digital money occurs during the week. But what is happening with bitcoin cash now? “Bitcoin price can demonstrate a rally of up to 22 thousand dollars, and the price can still be called reasonable, or it can drop to 6 thousand, in which case it will also be fairly priced,” Nick Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, told CNBC. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are challenging to evaluate; their economic usefulness depends on use cases that have not yet been developed. Of course, the volatility that we saw will continue», - said the expert.

That is, even experts in traditional finance cannot develop a unified strategy regarding crypto bitcoin price, let alone ordinary people. But recently, a very sensible forecast opinion about Bitcoin cash has been noticed on the open spaces, which, with the preservation of the author's style, let us put to the readers of the site 5 Bitcoin:

The main plus of the cue ball is that it does not belong to anyone; it is controlled and plundered by everyone; it is impossible to steal.

You definitely didn’t know about Bitcoin

There are many more lotions and goals. But only blowing out the “bubble” does not enter them at all - and there is nobody to plant, and it is impossible to plunder - pools around the world. The price in the week rises from Friday to Monday, the most significant drop on Wednesday. Monthly, the price increases by the end of the month usually (to «tear-off» the purchase of expensive pensioner coins). It falls to the 15th and begins to increase the number 26-28 to the 10th-13th. In the year December-January and part of February stagnation. Spring is a smooth growth. From June to August, stagnation or decline, from September to the end of November - growth. All this is associated with periods of vacation, harvesting, slaughtering livestock, and so on. So, people! A lot of Cue Balls are lost (people died, lost wallets, etc.). Do you think Bitcoin Cash will fall in price in this situation? Normal countries are thinking about transferring pension funds to BTC. Will it fall in price?

Why is BTC falling now?

Christmas and New Year. No matter how you puffed up, and the cue ball is blowing Asia and America, also Europe. It will inevitably fall during the Catholic holidays.

Bandits billionaires want to overcome Bitcoin cash. Forks were made for this purpose; for this purpose, red China plays the “ban” of the cue ball. But this is already a passed stage where Bitcoin won. Today, the most famous and expensive exchange with their sharks were let into Bitcoin. They try to break it for themselves. What will happen? Bitcoin price will crush all exchange that it does not control. The old system is doomed, and there will be no stagnation. And do not kill the owner - there is NO owner!

How to start mining bitcoins at home

Before you begin to consider methods of mining, you should understand what it means to mine bitcoins. Mining (from the English mine - mining) is the process of maintaining the network by checking the transaction and adding new blocks to the blockchain. The miner's task, by randomly sorting through combinations, selects the right solution for the hash function and sign the block, thereby completing all unconfirmed transactions. The miner, who is the first to find the signature, receives a reward in the form of the moment just released for him. Today it is 12.5 MTC. The process of mathematical calculations itself is quite complicated since the selected combination should be a hash from all previous blocks of transactions already enclosed in the blockchain chain, but for miners it comes down to choosing, connecting and setting up the computing equipment, which will select the right combination for signing the block. To summarize, in order to start mining bitcoin cash, a miner should acquire computing power and connect to the process of generating new blocks in the network.

Is it profitable to mine Bitcoins in 2019

The creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has invested in a network consensus several algorithms that prevent inflation, which also affects the profitability of coin mining. The internal algorithm for the functioning of bitcoin provides:

  • maximum issue of 21 million coins;
  • regular review of network complexity;
  • halving rewards every 210,000 blocks.

The next half of the remuneration for the block expects miners around May 2020, while, as practice shows, by this time the value of the coin should cover the costs of its extraction, taking into account the reduction in remuneration.

Also, the miner must take into account the expenditure, namely the cost of electricity and computer technology. Bitcoin price belongs to the category of cryptocurrencies, the extraction of which requires significant power. It operates on the PoW algorithm, which assumes that the miners with the highest computing power receive the greatest chances to find a signature for the block. It is also possible that a miner with small capacities can find a clue to the block, but in modern reality, it is more a happy accident, like finding a treasure, rather than a pattern and the possibility of stable earnings.

Today, Bitcoin mining (BTC) at home is not profitable due to dominance in the market of substantial mining farms physically the size of a plant. However, miners continue to receive a stable profit from mining. How?

Everything is straightforward. Mining moved from the do-it-yourself category to the category of services with the advent of cloud-based capacity in the rental market, the so-called cloud mining. Miners rent part of the same farm factories, usually in the form of a contract for 12 months, and begin to receive income on invested money the very next day.

For 2019, the most reliable cloud mining service provider is IQ Mining (here you can read the detailed review that we did personally by checking this company).

The most promising mining methods

To date, the most relevant way to mine bitcoin is mining on devices specially tailored for these purposes - ASIC miners. ASICs are mining devices assembled from microchips and equipped with powerful fans. This is stand-alone professional equipment that can be run with minimal setup, and you can install it at home, but preferably in a separate room.

The cost of ASIC miners varies within $ 1000 and pays off on average for 5-6 months of production, after which it starts to generate stable income. No less popular and effective way is the extraction of bitcoin price on the farm from video cards. The cost of assembling a mining farm will cost approximately the same amount. You can enter mining with a smaller starting capital only by signing a contract with one of the cloud services. The minimum contract value varies between $ 100 per year.

How much can you earn

Mining profitability depends on many factors:

  • network complexity;
  • cryptocurrency value;
  • energy costs of equipment;

the cost of electricity in the region where the mining is carried out.

When mining bitcoin cash, where the miner gets the most profit, who managed to offer a more significant number of combinations, the profitability of mining directly depends on the power of the equipment.

On average, equipment pays off in 5-6 months of actual production, and then it starts to generate net income, but it should be noted that over time, any equipment tends to wear out, and the complexity of the network is continuously growing. Therefore, the farm must undergo a constant upgrade with increasing capacity.

For beginners, the recommended mining method is cloud mining. Its profitability depends on the purchased capacities. Most cloud mining services are equipped with online profitability calculators that calculate the profitability of mining under a contract per day, month, or year, taking into account the current complexity and cost of cryptocurrencies.

Advantages and disadvantages of home mining


  • the ability to mine bitcoin price yourself and organize a stable passive income without leaving your home;
  • the minimum time investment required;
  • according to experts, Bitcoin will still grow;
  • anyone can engage in mining, regardless of gender, country of residence, level of education and specialty;
  • there is an opportunity to start mining crypto with minimal investment using cloud services;
  • protection of personal data of each client thanks to an active privacy policy.


  • mining is impossible without investments;
  • instability of the course and complexity of the network, which makes it difficult to calculate the exact profit from production;
  • the miner must be able to respond to changing market trends quickly;
  • the high noise level from equipment operation;
  • fundamental knowledge of crypto trading and technology is required.

Bitcoin will confidently overcome its historic high. Several reasons to believe this thanks to the collaboration with Maxitrade

Economists have examined in detail all the factors discussed in recent days that affect the price of Bitcoin, according to the majority. The first one is to lower the cost to $ 8,500 and fill the gap on the chart of Bitcoin price futures, which are now traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Krueger noted that in the past, the BTC chart did fall to the level of the gap. However, this does not guarantee that such a scenario will be repeated in the future with 100% probability.

Economists and cryptanalysts are very optimistic about the future of Bitcoin’s price.

  • Further, the expert walked on the vital decisive factors around Bitcoin at the moment:
  • the launch of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency platform on September 23;
  • cryptocurrency interest in large financial companies and large investors;
  • the growing popularity of bitcoin cash among ordinary people.

How the cryptocurrency market has changed in just a year, or Another reason to invest in top coins

The bitcoin cash dominance index is the ratio of the capitalization of the leading cryptocurrency to the total capitalization of all coins in general, that is, how many percents of the market is occupied by the first coin. Now the figure exceeds the level of 68 percent and continues to grow. The industry has developed a clear ranking of leaders who attract the most attention from investors.

President of the Russian Association of Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain Yuri Pripachkin believes that bitcoin price will grow «quite rapidly» and will soon overcome its historical maximum. «As the regulatory issues of the industry are resolved, there will be a return to the growth rate, because this product is in demand.» This indicates that the industry is ripe enough and in demand, and many projects that were previously postponed will be implemented. Soon, we will see overcoming the maximum levels, it will be fast enough. Then there will be some stabilization. And then after putting serious projects into action, and it will grow further.


Mining is one of the main ways to profit from cryptocurrencies. The mining of bitcoin price and other top-end cryptocurrencies trading requires high computing power. Compared to the cryptocurrency industry’s inception period, when bitcoin price mining was as easy as possible, now it’s a rather difficult process that requires taking into account many parameters, buying and setting up special equipment, and calculating all the bitcoin price of cooling and electricity. Try trading bitcoins based on Maxitrade to earn more!

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