Economic forecast for October 1


Australia will present an index of activity in the manufacturing sector from AIG and inflation data from TD Securities. In Japan, there will be indices of business activity in the services sector and in the manufacturing sector.

Eurozone will host a meeting of the Eurogroup, which will be attended by the finance ministers and the head of the ECB. Germany will publish retail sales data and an import price index, while Switzerland will publish real retail sales and the SVME business activity index. Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the Eurozone will present indexes of business activity in the manufacturing sector. In the UK, consumer credit data will come out, and the unemployment rate in the euro area.

Canada announces PMI business activity index in the manufacturing sector. In the US, there will be indices of ISM activity in the manufacturing sector, the index of gradual acceleration of inflation and data on construction costs. In addition, representatives of the Federal Reserve, Erik Rosengren and Raphael Bostic, will give a speech in the US.

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