Deutsche Bank is preparing a large-scale reorganization of trade operations


Deutsche Bank's planned reorganization of trade operations also includes the creation of a bank of “bad” assets, the Financial Times reports, citing sources. In the course of the reorganization, trading in stocks and derivatives at interest rates outside of continental Europe can be significantly reduced or completely closed. The investment banking business will be phased out gradually, and the main efforts of the bank will be aimed at improving operational services and asset management of wealthy clients. Currently, the question of how much assets will be transferred to the bank of “bad assets” is being discussed. These will mainly be long-term assets, the amount of which may be about 50 billion euros, which corresponds to about 14% of Deutsche Bank's balance sheet. It is expected that the CEO of the bank, Christopher Seving, will announce the reorganization at the end of July, when the semi-annual report will be published.

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