Deutsche Bank has recorded net profit for the first time since 2014


Net profit of Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank, amounted to 341 million euros against a loss of 735 million euros in 2017. Shareholders' profit rose to EUR 267 million against a loss of EUR 751 million in the previous period. Analysts' forecasts were at the level of 345 million euros. The diluted loss was EUR 0.01 per share, against EUR 0.53 a year earlier. The bank's revenue fell 4.3% to 25.316 billion euros. Deutsche Bank reduced the loss in the fourth quarter to 409 million euros. At the end of the quarter, the diluted loss fell to 0.2 euros per share, against 1.15 euros a year earlier. Quarterly revenue fell 2.4% to 5.575 billion euros. The sales and securities trading division recorded a decline in revenue by 23% to 786 million euros. The CEO of Deutsche Bank, Christian Sewing, says that the reduction of costs and investment in growth are priorities in 2019.

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