Deutsche Bank announced the implementation of the largest business transformation


Deutsche Bank announced the largest business transformation, aimed at increasing the bank’s profitability and the profitability of its shareholders. By 2022, the bank plans to significantly reduce investment banking operations and annual expenditures by 6 billion euros. To this end, its staff will be reduced by 18 thousand to 74 thousand employees by 2022. Low-yield assets worth about 74 billion euros will be transferred to a new division. All these processes will be financed by the internal resources of the bank. The capital adequacy ratio of the first level will be kept at a minimum level of 12.5%, in connection with which the payment of dividends on ordinary shares in this and next years will be stopped. Starting in 2022, the bank plan to return 5 billion euros to shareholders through repurchasing shares and paying dividends. The bank will spend 7.4 billion euros for the restructuring in the period up to 2022. The German bank plans to transfer technology for trading operations with shares and part of the employees of Deutsche Bank to the French bank BNP Paribas.

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