Deliveries of wearable devices in Europe grew 2.2 times in the first quarter


In the first quarter, 10 million wearable devices were delivered to the European market. As reported by the International Data Corporation, the rate for the year increased by 118.5%. Headphones accounted for 40.1% of total supplies. The share of watches was equal to 36.6%, bracelets - 22.9%. The countries of Western Europe in the last quarter occupied a share of 82% in the European market. Smart watches in Central and Western Europe were sold 140% more than in the same quarter last year. Such a significant increase in this indicator suggests that Europeans prefer multifunctional devices. In Europe as a whole, the increase in the supply of headphones for the year was 298%, while the supply of watches increased by 41%. According to the estimates of the research company, by the end of 2019, the supply of wearable devices in Europe will increase to 45.6 million units, of which 43% will be “smart” watches.

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