Daimler's net profit in the first quarter decreased by 11%

German automotive concern Daimler in the first quarter reduced its net profit by 11% in annual terms to 2 billion 270 million euros. EBIT fell to 3.3 billion euros from 3.8 billion euros a year earlier. Sales of cars grew by 7% to 806 thousand 900 cars. Sales growth of Mercedes-Benz Cars increased by 5%, of the Daimler Truck unit – by 21%, of Daimler Buses – by 6%, of Mercedes-Benz Vans – by 7%. In the Mercedes-Benz Cars division EBIT amounted to 2 billion 60 million euro, increased by 3% mainly due to higher sales of the S-Class cars and the Mercedes-Benz SUV. EBIT in the Daimler Buses and Mercedes-Benz Vans units declined by 49%, in Daimler Truck unit - by 2%.

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