Daimler recorded a net loss of 1.6 billion euros in the second quarter


The German car manufacturer Daimler in the second quarter of 2019 recorded a net loss of $1.6 billion. According to the results of the same period a year earlier, the automobile company reported a net profit of 2.6 billion euros. Defective airbags manufactured by Japanese Takata and installed in Daimler car models caused these cars to be revoked in many regions of the world, including Europe. This led to an increase in the cost of the German automaker to almost 1 billion euros. In addition, the company had to increase the expenses by 1.6 billion euros due to the diesel scandal. Among the factors that had a negative impact on quarterly figures, the company also cites the reduction in the cost of the Mercedes-Benz Vanz division by 0.5 billion euros, which was caused by the revision of the grocery package.

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