Cryptocurrencies fell in price on Monday


Cryptocurrency prices fell following the results of trading on Monday. Interest in digital money increased after Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, announced that Bitcoin would become the single Internet currency. Dorsey expressed this opinion in an interview on February 2. In his opinion, Bitcoin was born by the Internet and is liked by business because of its advantages. Blockchain technology, however, scares companies from the non-financial sector and the government. On Monday, Bitcoin fell in price by 0.7% to $3456.9. Ethereum fell 2.5% to $107.38. Litecoin fell 2.3% to $33.642, while the XRP rate fell 2.8% to $0.30106. The QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange lost access to digital currencies in the amount of $145 million after the death of its founder, Jerry Cotten. The exchange cannot find access to assets, since its owner was the only one who knew the access passwords and recovery keys.  

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