Crypto Prices increase as US committee probes Digital currency


Asia’s leading cryptocurrencies rose on Wednesday, as U.S. committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs commenced the scrutiny on cryptocurrencies and held the conference, “Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain.”

Among the soaring cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin with 1.6% increase, Ethereum to 1.4% rise and Litecoin with 2.1% climb.

One of the notable remarks during the conference was from Nevada senator Catherine Masto, who said that blockchain technology has the potential to transform many sectors of the country.

But another member of the probing committee Senator Brown slammed the idea, that digital currency will be of good help and cited Facebook’s plan of launching its own currency together with the economic hazards it has caused.

Facebook crypto chief David Marcus said in a statement, that they will wait for all regulatory approvals before launching Libra.


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