Consumer spending on technology in the world in 2019 will exceed 1.3 trillion dollars


Analytical company International Data Corporation expects growth in consumer spending on technology in 2019 by 3.5% to 1 trillion 320 billion dollars. According to IDC analysts, by the end of 2022, the global technology market will reach 1 trillion 430 billion dollars thanks to an annual increase of an average of 3%. Digital technology currently accounts for 96% of the total cash volume of the market. Payment for mobile telecommunication services will amount to more than 50% in the structure of consumer spending this year. The next largest category will be cell phones. By the end of 2022, emerging technologies will account for 5% of the total consumer spending. Of these, more than 80% will be accounted for smart wearable gadgets and devices for smart homes. The growth rate of this segment will reach 38%.


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