Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in the US increased in July


A preliminary value of the CCI in the US in July was calculated by The University of Michigan at the level of 98,4 points. The indice raised regarding June when it had been 98,2 points, but had not reached an economists’ forecast of 98,8 points. Americans’ attitude to a current economic situation had got worse and an appropriate indicator decreased to 111,1 points from 111,9 points. However for the next 6 months their expectations improved to 90,1 points from 89,3 points. For the next year the US citizens predict 2,6% inflation which is less their previous assessment at the level of 2,7%. In the long run they expect inflation would maintain its 2,6% level although previously they predicted its decline by 2,3%. Consumer spending as a main engine of American economy stays high because of a strong labor market and stock market. High expectations of the US citizens regarding to the personal financial conditions for the next 12 months evidence this. This indicator was 136 points having raised from 134 points a month before.

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