Consolidated confidence index in the euro area declined in June, but exceeded the forecasts

The consolidated index of business and consumer confidence in the euro area economy fell in June to 112.3 points from 112.5 points in the previous month, noting the minimum value for 10 months, according to the data of the European Commission. The fall of the index has been observed for 6 months in a row. Analysts had predicted its even deeper fall in June - up to 112 points. The indicator of consumer confidence fell to minus 0.5 points, which is the minimum value for 8 months. The consumer's fears about the prospects for the economy in the context of trade disputes, as well as the rise in oil prices, had a negative impact on the index. The business climate has deteriorated to 1.39 points from 1.44 points. The confidence index in the service sector remained at the level of 14.4 points.

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