Chinese gov’t trashes HK protesters’ demands


Chinese gov’t trashes HK protesters’ demands

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam previously presented to the central Chinese government local protesters' demands, particularly the abolishment of the Extradition bill, now reported to be trashed only to the dismay of more fired-up protesters.

Lam’s proposal to China was rejected and the Extradition bill, according to the Chinese government, must stay. In addition, it was expressed that Lam should not listen to the protesters’ demands, as reported by Reuters.

It is assumed that the Chinese government is instructing the Hong Kong top official as to how to handle the massive protests by giving direct commands and responses.

The Chinese government was vocal in condemning the protests and even warned other nations not to pry in Hong Kong’s mess neither fuel Hong Kong locals to anti-government demonstrations.

According to the report, the other demands listed by Lam as protesters’ plea include an independent inquiry into the protests, democratic elections, blotting out “riot” in describing protests, and acquitting arrested protesters.

The source from the Chinese government revealed that among the demands, the most feasible are the independent inquiry and the withdrawal of the Extradition bill that caused most of the raging protests.

According to another source as reported by Reuters, China said no to all five demands and that “the situation is far more complicated than most people realize.”

The nearing 3-month protests of Hong Kong locals are all but a cry against the Extradition bill but have leveled to a China-free government system.

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