China's exports in February showed the maximum decline in 3 years


Following the results of February, the General Customs Administration of China recorded the maximum from February 2016 decline in exports by 20.7% relative to the same month last year to $135 billion. The figure fell much more than the expected 4.8% decline by experts. The fall in imports in February by 5.2% in annual terms also surpassed its projected decline of 1.4%. This year, the celebration of the New Year according to the lunar calendar fell on the beginning of February, which caused supply disruptions. The protracted process of settling trade disputes between the United States and China also continues to affect performance. Thus, China’s trade balance surplus of $4 billion 120 million was significantly lower than economists' estimates of $26 billion 380 million. The trade surplus with the United States amounted to 14 billion 720 million dollars, down from 27 billion 300 million dollars in the previous month.

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