China's crude oil imports rose 22% in February


In February, the volume of crude oil imported to China amounted to 39 million 230 thousand tons. Compared with the same month of 2018, the figure increased by 21.6% due to the fact that new private refineries increased purchases, the country's General Administration of Customs reported. The volume of crude oil purchased by China per day amounted to 10 million 230 thousand barrels, exceeding 10 million barrels for the past 4 months. In the first two months of the year, purchases of crude oil increased by 12.4% in annual terms. However, the amount of natural gas imported into the country in February decreased from January 9 million 810 thousand tons to 7 million 570 thousand tons. At the same time, annualized growth was recorded at 9.2%. The indicator includes liquefied natural and pipeline gas. In the first two months of the year, it increased by 18.5%.

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