China's car exports have declined by 4.9% since the beginning of the year


From the beginning of the year to May, China shipped 392,000 cars abroad. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the figure fell by 4.9% compared to the same period last year. 259 thousand passenger cars were shipped abroad, which is 14.5% less than deliveries from the same period of 2018. During this period, China has delivered 21.7% more commercial vehicles, their number has grown to 133 thousand cars. In May, China exported 78 thousand cars. The indicator for April rose by 16.4%. The association also reported that in the first four months of the year, Chinese car manufacturers reduced revenue by 9.2% to 1.26 trillion yuan. In order to increase car sales in the country, the Chinese authorities have imposed a ban on any restrictions from the side of local authorities on the purchase of cars with engines that work on new energy sources.

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