China Mobile increased net profit by 3.1% in 2018


The world largest in terms of the number of subscribers communications service provider, China Mobile, following the results of 2018, reported the net profit growth of 3.1% to 117 billion 800 million yuan. The one-time profit from the IPO of China Tower was included in the annual figure. According to the results of the initial placement of shares of the division, engaged in the construction of towers in China, in the amount of 54 billion Hong Kong dollars, China Mobile increased the investment income to 13 billion 860 million yuan. At the same time, operating revenue, which amounted to 736 billion 820 million yuan, noted a decline of 0.5%. Reduced prices for users contributed to an increase in mobile data traffic by 182.1%. The total customer base has grown over the year by 37 million 900 thousand users.

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