China expects the U.S. to provide favorable premises for the upcoming trade deal


China and the U.S. are set to go on a face-off for another series of trade talks and finally set the stage for the elusive trade deal between the two conflicting economies. As it is fast-approaching, China has high hopes that the U.S. will be laying down conditions for them, the Commerce Ministry of China bared on Thursday.

Before this development, the U.S. president on Friday last week announced new 5% tariffs imposition against Chinese goods amounting to $550 million. This countermeasure was made after China announced its version of additional tariffs against American products worth $75 million.

With this exchange of tariff blows, the Chinese government is expecting that the U.S. will cancel the additional tariffs to settle things down and quell the trade dispute.

“The most important thing at the moment is to create necessary conditions for both sides to continue negotiations,” said Gao Feng, Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesperson.

Gao added that they (Chinese community) are hoping that the U.S. would show sincerity and concrete actions.

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