Carlsberg increased profits 4.2 times in 2018


The net profit and revenue of the Danish brewing concern Carlsberg exceeded market forecasts in 2018. Revenue increased by 3% to 62.5 billion krones from 60.66 billion in 2017. Net profit increased 4.2 times to 5.31 billion krones or $812 million. Last year, the Baltika brand assets depreciated, which is why Carlsberg lost 4.6 billion krones. Beer sales rose in world markets, so the figures exceeded market expectations. This year, the concern will increase the size of dividends by 13% to 18 krones per share. Sales in 2018 increased by 4.8%. Tuborg beer sales increased by 10%, Carlsberg sales - by 5%, Grimbergen - by 14%. Sales 1664 Blanc increased 1.5 times. Sales growth in Western Europe was 3.6%, in Asia - 6%. In Eastern Europe, beer sales grew by 3.1%. In Russia, where for the first time they recorded growth in demand for beer over 11 years, sales increased by 2%. Carlsberg has increased its capitalization by 12% since the beginning of the year.

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