Car sales in the US fell by 2.1% in May, according to experts from industry consulting companies


Experts from consulting companies JD Power and LMC Automotive expect car sales in the United States in May to be about 1.56 million units, down 2.1% from a year earlier. At the same time, retail sales of new cars, according to their estimates, will decrease by 3.1% to 1 million 226.8 thousand cars. Despite the record high level of consumer sentiment, increased prices for cars weakened the demand for them. It is expected that in May, prices for new cars will reach a monthly maximum level, having risen by more than 4% in annual terms. To increase sales, automakers offer big discounts, the size of which has increased compared to last year. At the same time, dealers have noted strong growth in sales of used cars. Experts believe that automakers will be able to solve the problem of high levels of stocks only by reducing production or higher incentives.

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