Car sales in the EU fell by 8% in November


The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association reported a decline in car sales in the EU by 8% in annual terms to 1 million 121 thousand cars in November. The reduction has been observed for three months already, which is caused by the introduction of new rules from 1 September to determine the fuel consumption of cars and light commercial vehicles. The decline in car sales in November showed most of the EU countries, except Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia. Most of all, the index decreased in Sweden - by 20.5%, and Austria - by 20.1%. Sales of German Volkswagen fell by 10.9%. At the same time, the French manufacturer PSA Group increased its market share from 16.1% to 16.5%. In November, the number of Renault cars sold decreased by 16%, Ford - by 8.2%, BMW - by 2.8%.

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