Car production in the UK has fallen to a minimum of 5 years


Car production in the UK fell by 9.1% to 1.52 million units due to the uncertainty about the country's withdrawal from the EU, the British Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reports. The recorded figure was the lowest since 2013, when 1.5 million cars were produced in Britain. The production of cars for the domestic market fell by 16.3% to 281.8 thousand, while production for export decreased by 7.3% to 1.24 million vehicles. In December, Britain produced 22.4% fewer cars than in 2017. The head of SMMT calls uncertainty over Brexit a serious challenge to production. If the country leaves the EU without an agreement, it will cause damage to the entire industry. Britain leaves the EU on March 29. Parliamentarians of the country spoke on January 29, they do not support the agreement in current form, as well as withdrawal from the European Union without an agreement.

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