By 2030, China and India will overtake the United States in terms of GDP and will become leaders of major economies


Analysts at Standard Chartered Bank predict that next year the United States will cease to be the largest economy, and in 2030 it will drop to the 3rd place. The leaders will be China and India. The forecasts were made on the basis of calculations of the nominal size of GDP in US dollars. Analysts also take into account purchasing power parity. The dizzying growth of Asian economies will ensure the expansion of the middle class layer. In the West, it will narrow, and its growth rates in Asia will be the highest. Experts guarantee the rapid growth of Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and Brazil and believe that they will get into the top 10 countries in terms of GDP. Japan and Germany will close the top ten in 2030, dropping to the 9th and 10th places. Experts from the IMF and the World Bank consider GDP to be an outdated tool for assessing the current economic situation. However, while it is used in most comparative analyses.

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