British Supreme Court to hold final hearing against Boris Johnson


British Supreme Court to hold final hearing against Boris Johnson

The Supreme Court of Britain will hold its third and final hearing against Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday over his decision to suspend parliament to advance Brexit.

If Boris Johnson loses, he has no other option but to recall the parliament earlier than they are supposed to resume as decided by the prime minister.

The justices in-charge of the case could deliver the ruling on Thursday as well or even days beyond, depending on when it will be finalized.

Before suspending the parliament, Boris Johnson suffered from back to back losses in parliament as majority of the House of Commons would not want a Brexit without a deal.

The court hearing against Johnson is to judge the prime minister’s ruling of asking Queen Elizabeth to suspend the parliamentary from Sept. 10 – Oct. 14 to prepare legislative agenda.

The opposition, however, claims that Johnson called the suspension to avoid parliament from interfering with his no-deal Brexit plans.

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