British Royal Mail reduced annual profit by 26%


The report of the British postal service Royal Mail for the fiscal year ended in March showed a decrease in its adjusted operating profit by 26% to 509 million pounds. During the earnings period, the company spent 133 million pounds on reorganization. At the same time, its revenue reached 10.44 billion pounds, having increased over the year by 2%. The company's management has decided to pay dividends of 0.25 pounds per share for the year. The amount of dividends compared with the previous year increased by 4%. To improve profit margins, the company developed a financial recovery plan for the next 5 years, which implies a 40% reduction in dividends in fiscal year 2020 and a £1.8 billion investment in postal services in the UK. At the moment, the capitalization of Royal Mail is 2.11 billion pounds. Since the beginning of 2019, it has decreased by 20%.

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