British retailers fear that Brexit will lead to higher prices and a shortage of products


British retailers believe that Brexit without a deal will lead to higher prices for products and their shortage in stores, BBC reports. The British retail consortium expressed these concerns in a letter signed by Sainsbury, Asda, Lidl supermarkets, retailer Marks & Spencer and fast food chains McDonald’s and KFC. In the letter, retailers remind that a third of the products on the shelves of British stores come from the EU. Most of the seasonal vegetables sold in Britain in March are grown in the European Union. If a country leaves the EU without an agreement, the supply chain will be broken. It is impossible to store perishable goods in warehouses, retailers say, although they have already filled their freezers in anticipation of Brexit. The warehouses at military bases are already filled with food, fuel and ammunition in case of Brexit without a deal. A voting must be on January 29 that will determine the future of the UK. The first voting in the House of Commons, agreed upon by Teresa May with Brussels, failed. If the parties fail to conclude an agreement, Britain will withdraw from the European Union without an agreement on future relations, including trade.

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