British IQE warns of serious damage from sanctions against Huawei


On Friday, the British semiconductor manufacturer IQE published a forecast for the first half of the year and the whole of 2019, in which it stressed the risks that have increased based on expectations of serious consequences for other companies in connection with the US sanctions against Chinese Huawei. For IQE, this is already reflected in delays in placing its orders. The company estimates that semi-annual revenue will be in the range of 65 to 68 million pounds, with a market forecast of 68 million pounds. At the end of 2019, revenue is expected in the amount of 140 - 160 million pounds, which is lower than the experts' estimates of 175 million. The company also believes that the operating profit margin this year will be well below its previous forecast of 10%. IQE shares plunged 39% during trading on Friday in London.

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