British Airways pilots hit the bricks, flights cancelled


British Airways pilots union left their posts today that forced the British Airways to cancel almost all of its flights for Monday and Tuesday.

The strike was caused by a conflict over pay between the airline and members of the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA). The association said before this day that it had sent a letter of proposal about the compensation of the pilots to the management last Wednesday but did not receive a response.

British Airways, however, said on Monday that it is ready and willing to listen and negotiate with BALPA.

Under duress, the airline was left with no choice but to cancel almost all of its flight schedules for Monday and Tuesday as BALPA did not inform the management on which pilots would strike and that they did not know how many would report to work or which aircraft that are qualified to fly.

In July, the majority of the British Airways pilots voted in favor of a strike which BALPA openly informed that it would be willing to cancel the strike if a negotiation takes place.

The next scheduled strike of pilots will be on September 27.

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