Britain keeps hopes high for a trade deal with Australia upon Brexit


Britain keeps hopes high for a trade deal with Australia upon Brexit

British Trade Minister Liz Truss said on Wednesday she is expecting to strike a deal with Australia within months of leaving the European Union.

Britain is exhausting all possible means to ease the economic impact upon European Union exit, including securing deals, big and small, with countries outside the region.

Truss is currently on a three-nation tour including Australia, New Zealand, and Japan to secure and finish trade deals which she expects to be in full swing by the time Britain leaves the EU.

“The reason that I have chosen to make Australia one of the first countries I have visited as trade secretary is because it is an absolute priority to get on with this trade deal,” Truss said.

Data shows that Australia is Britain’s seventh-largest trading partner.

As reported, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will take Britain out of the European Union on Oct. 31, looking confident to strike a deal upon exit.

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