Britain flees EU, heads into the trade deal unknown


The United Kingdom finally left the European Union on Thursday night, leaving its trade deal uncertain with the group.

The long-planned and waited geopolitical move of Britain has finally come to pass, though the transition period keeps Britain’s membership save for the name until the end of this year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement, “We’ll be out of the EU, free to chart our own course as a sovereign nation.”

However, the United Kingdom might be facing more challenges as the empire might be disbanded due to differences. England and Wales were in favor of leaving the European group while Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to stay.

On the other end, the EU will be kissing goodbye to 15% of its economy as the UK is its biggest military spender and London as the world’s international financial capital.

Trade talks will continue after Brexit with different countries including the group Britain left behind, the European Union. Global investors’ outlook for Britain remains hazy after it left the group.

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