Boris Johnson vows to issue Post-Brexit Visas for Doctors, Nurses


Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans for issuing special visas to aid the U.K.’s National Health Service to hire doctors and nurses coming from different countries after Brexit.

A new points-based immigration system will be formed by the National Health Service of Britain which will be introduced right after the U.K. departs from the European Union, according to Johnson’s Conservative Party on Friday.

The new visa will cost 464 pounds ($595), cut to half from the previous 928 pounds. The party also said medical professionals joining the NHS would receive extra points and applicants would be fast-tracked as part of the new procedures.

The Dec. 12 election entails a lot of work for the campaign and health care is one of the key advocacies as it has been a weak issue for the Conservative Party. Part of Johnson’s effort to strengthen the health campaign is to plow cash into hospitals around the country, and put it under “people’s priority”.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, however, had previously stressed that Johnson will sell out the NHS in a trade deal with Donald Trump.

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