Boris Johnson insists to force an election to solve Brexit puzzle



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains determined and pushy as he tries for the fourth time to force an election that will enable him to “Get Brexit Done”.

The adamant prime minister seems to always find a way to persuade reluctant parliament.

Back in 2016, Britain voted to exit the European Union. However, the three-year-old plan has yet to materialize as it is trapped in its ties with the 500-million strong trading bloc.

“We will not allow this paralysis to continue,” Johnson said on Monday. “One way or another, we must proceed straight to an election.”

The EU Commission has decided to extend the Oct. 31 deadline to January 31 to give Britain ample time to iron things out before leaving the EU.

After his third failed attempt on Monday, Johnson said he will propose a one-line bill to change the date set in law for the next election to Dec. 12.

For this bill to pass, Johnson needs to get at least a simple majority or more than half of the total population of the Commons.

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