Boris Johnson gets Macron on his side as he wills to “Get Brexit Done”


Boris Johnson has found an ally in French President Emmanuel Macron and together, they are determined to get Brexit done, Johnson’s battle cry since assuming the role as Britain’s Prime Minister.

France is holding up approval of a request from Britain to extend Brexit deadline. It must be an ironic way to support Brexit after all, but in the case of Brexit and all its complexities, it actually helps Brexit reach its completion.

Johnson was just not after the approval of the extension he asked for, but he did ask for it since he was compelled to do so after his detractors in parliament overpowered him. Rather, Boris Johnson would want to have a hard deadline that comes with the risk of a unruly no-deal Brexit to compel lawmakers to endorse his withdrawal plans.

This is exactly what French President Emmanuel Macron sees as he wants Brexit get done as well.

“He’s a leader who demonstrates real strategic thinking and who has shown commitment and willingness to deliver,” said Macron. “Those who didn’t take him seriously were wrong, and will continue to be wrong.”

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