Boeing predicts that in 20 years the volume of the global civil aviation market will reach 16 trillion dollars


According to the forecast of the American airline Boeing, the world fleet of civilian aircraft in the next 20 years will have to be updated to 44.04 thousand aircraft in the amount of 6.8 trillion dollars, and it will require 9.1 trillion dollars for service. Thus, this segment of aviation is estimated by Boeing experts at 16 trillion dollars by the end of 2038. During this period, the global civilian aircraft fleet will expand to 50.66 thousand units. According to Boeing, the demand for narrow-body aircraft will increase to 32.42 thousand units over the next twenty years, which in monetary terms will amount to 3.78 trillion dollars. During this period, 8.34 thousand new wide-body aircraft worth more than $2.65 trillion will be required. 2.24 thousand new regional aircraft worth $105 billion will also be in demand. The increase in the fleet will require the expansion of the flight and technical staff, which is approximately 2.5 million new specialists.

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