Bank analysts of Wall Street have worsened the forecast of oil prices

A monthly study by The Wall Street Journal showed that bank analysts doubted that the trend to reduce fuel stocks in the world remains and thus have worsened the forecasts of oil prices for the third month in a row. Negative impact on prices in the last three years was provided by oil reserves, which began to decrease as demand in the US increased, and as the OPEC + countries cut their production. However, as the States continue to increase production, the market situation may change. Participants in the survey expect that in 2018 the price of Brent will amount to $53 per barrel, WTI – to 51 dollars per barrel. In the last forecast, the Brent price was expected at $55 per barrel, WTI – at $52 per barrel. For 2019, their forecast is lowered for Brent from $57 to $55 per barrel, for WTI - from $55 to $53 per barrel.

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