Australian retail market surges, 0.4% up in June


The Australian Bureau of Statistics released on August 2 its figures for retail turnouts for the month of June, tabulating the seasonally adjusted estimate of a 0.4% increase.

In trend terms, comparing Australia’s turnover in June 2019 from its 2018 counterpart, a significant 2.7% increase was posted.

Industries that rose in trend terms in June 2019 include Clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailing with a 0.6% increase; Food retailing with a 0.1% upgrade; Cafes, restaurants, and takeaway food services had 0.2% rise; Department stores with 0.2% soar; and other retailing that posted 0.4% rise.

Significant rise in June 2019 trend terms by territories were yielded in the bureau’s statistics: Queensland 0.4%, South Australia 0.3%, Victoria 0.3%, the Australian Capital Territory 0.4%, Tasmania 0.3% and Northern Territory 0.2%.

New South Wales and Western Australia did not change in trend terms in June 2019.

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