Australia is reforming corporate regulation


In Australia, a new body to monitor regulators will be launched, which will clear the banking sector of unethical practices. Australian banks cheat regulators by charging fees for services they did not commit. In addition, regulators are working closely with banks, so that they avoid punishment for violations. The authorities made a recommendation on corporate regulation, consisting of 76 points. The Ministry of Finance of Australia has already promised the commission to implement all its recommendations. Last year, investors deduced sums from insurance companies that were at the center of the investigation of the Royal Commission. The government was initially against the Commission’s investigation, but it reversed due to public pressure. The royal commission did not make recommendations on changes in the regulation of mortgage loans, the collapse in prices, which caused the attention of investors. Paying a commission to a mortgage broker will soon become the responsibility of the borrower, not the lender. This will not allow banks to increase the mortgage loan portfolio.

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