Asian stocks trade soars after Japan maintains low interest rates

Asian stocks trade soars after Japan maintains low interest rates


On Tuesday, Asian stocks elevated after the Bank of Japan retained its low interest rates. Investors also wait in anticipation for developments in US-China talks in Shanghai as well as Federal Reserve’s interest rates cut. 

Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong improved by 0.5% as well as Shanghai Composite Index to 0.7%

Australia, Japan, and South Korea joined the Asian stocks trade hike as ASX 200 increased by 0.3%, Nikkei to 0.7% increase and KOSPI 0.6%. 

Investors say that the Asian stocks increase was due to the Bank of Japan’s decision to maintain the low interest rate which is at -0.1%, and announced that they are willing to make rate adjustments when necessary.

Developments in the US-China trade talks are anticipated by the world market as it will definitely affect the stocks trade rate globally.  

Meanwhile, investors also look forward to the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates. If this pushes through, it will be the US central bank’s first cut in interest rates since 2008.

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