Asian Markets remain shaky after economic debacles


Global economic slowdown speculation rules Asian Markets.

Asian stocks on Wednesday were mostly down. The ups and downs of stock shares remain unpredictable over a couple of weeks even after the trade conflicts and recession fear haunted the global market.

The Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong decreased by 0.3%. Japan’s Nikkei was also down with 0.3%.

Joining the lower drift is China’s Shanghai Composite Index with a 0.2% drop and Shenzhen Component falling by 0.2%. Australia, from down under, was down with a 1% fall.

South Korea’s Kospi shone as it gained 0.5%.

Expect more tumultuous stock shares in the coming days as the monetary policy will shake things up after U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivers his speech on Friday.

Economists and analysts expect that the Fed will impose cut rates in the coming months.

U.S. President Trump already said in a statement that the Fed will be cutting interest rates by 100 basis points.

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