Annual profit of the world's largest clothing retailer increased by 2%


Spanish company Inditex, which owns large chains of clothing stores, reported on the results of the fiscal year ended January 31. According to its accounts, net profit amounted to 3 billion 440 million euros, having increased over the year by 2%. EBIT of 4 billion 360 million euros increased by 1%. Experts had expected a more significant growth rate - up to 4 billion 410 million euros. During the earnings period, revenue grew by 3%, reaching 26 billion 150 million euros. At the same time, operating profit increased at the lowest rate in 5 years, rising by 1%. Sales growth was noted in both traditional and online stores. Comparable sales increased by 4%. Growth in sales in online stores was 27%. Their volume reached 3 billion 200 million euros. In the total revenue figure, the share of online sales was 12%.

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