Analysts expect a slowdown in the growth of Chinese economy to 6.3% in 2019


The average forecast of 85 economists showed that China’s economy would slow down to 6.3% this year, which will be the lowest value in 29 years. Last year, the economy grew by 6.6%, and in 2017 - by 6.9%. Negotiations on the settlement of trade disputes between China and the US are already underway. However, if the PRC cannot stimulate domestic investment and demand, a solution to the trade war with the United States will not solve the problem of slow growth. On January 30-31, the heads of the American and Chinese delegations will meet. It is expected that if by March 2019 the parties do not enter into an agreement, the United States can dramatically increase duties on Chinese goods. Beijing will do the same. Experts expect that the Central Bank of China will leave interest rates at the same level. Consumer prices will rise by 2.3% in the current year.

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