American FedEx may be a victim of the trade conflict between Washington and Beijing following the Chinese Huawei


FedEx, an American express delivery company, will be subject to Beijing’s verification due to its alleged violation of China’s legal rights and interests. This was reported by Xinhua. As stated earlier, the official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Gao Feng, China is creating its own “black list”, which includes foreign companies, actions of which may violate the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese business. National agencies are investigating the fact that the addressees did not receive a number of items that FedEx should have delivered to them. These facts violated the laws and regulations in the field of express delivery in China, although Xinhua does not indicate the firms, interests of which were violated by an American company. However, last week, Huawei reported that the package, which was supposed to be delivered from Japan to its office in China, was sent by FedEx to the United States. FedEx made a public apology for this mistake.

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