American corporations topped the list of the most expensive brands


US companies in the high-tech sector are the leaders in the ranking of the most expensive brands in 2019, Brand Finance consulting agency reports. The list of leaders was topped by Amazon, the value of which rose by 24.6% to $187.9 billion. Apple ranked second with growth of 5% to $153.6 billion, third place went to Google with growth of 18% to $142.8 billion. Microsoft was on the fourth place in the ranking, the growth of which in 2019 was 47%. American companies occupied the 6th and 7th places. They are AT & T worth $87 billion and Facebook worth $83 billion. Asian corporations ranked in the top ten - Samsung Electronics on the 5th place with a brand valuation of $91.3 billion. Chinese Companies, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) valued at $79, 8 billion, Verizon ($71.2 billion) and China Construction Bank ($69.7 billion), also entered the top 10 most expensive brands. A total of 8 brands from the USA, 9 brands from China, 1 brand from Europe (the Mercedes-Benz is on the 13th place) are in the top twenty of the most expensive companies.


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