Amazon introduces Alexa-infused personal items


Amazon introduces Alexa-infused personal items

Amazon introduced an array of services and products in its pursuit to infuse its featured virtual assistant, Alexa, into every part of the home, and even on to part of our body too.

Smart clock, smart oven, speakers, earbuds, and eyeglasses – these are the set of items Amazon said it infused Alexa into. Most of these items are now available for pre-order.

Amazon introduced the $130 worth earbuds called Echo Buds with 5 hours of battery life and 20 hours via a rechargeable case. The new item developed by the tech firm incorporated Bose active noise reduction technology. It can be switched on by tapping it twice and provides access to Siri or Google Assistant. Certain questions can also be asked as the earbuds were programmed to respond.

Aside from earbuds, Amazon also introduced Echo Frames. This is a set of eyeglasses with prescription lenses that features very discrete directional microphones that enable only users to hear Alexa.

Amazon also featured high-end speakers called Echo Studio as well as Echo smart clock and smart oven.  

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