Airbus has tripled its quarterly profit


Following the results of the third quarter, the largest aerospace concern in Europe, Airbus Group, reported an increase in net profit 3.1 times compared to the same quarter a year earlier to 957 million euros. Factors such as the acquisition of the Canadian Bombardier business and strong demand for the company's aircraft had a favorable effect on the indicator. EBIT amounted to 1 billion 560 million euros, rising 3.4 times over the year. During the earnings period, Airbus increased its revenue by 20% to 15 billion 450 million euros. The company also reported that it ended 9 months of the year with a 4% increase in profits and 6% in revenues. During this period, the number of aircraft delivered to customers increased to 503 units from 454 units a year earlier. However, helicopters managed to deliver only 218, which is 266 units less than last year.

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