Air France-KLM recorded a quarterly loss growth of 19%


Air France-KLM, the largest in Europe airline, in the first quarter recorded a net loss increase of 19% compared with the same quarter last year to 320 million euros. At the same time, the operating loss amounted to 303 million euros, having increased from 269 million euros a year earlier and significantly exceeded the loss predicted by economists to 251 million euros. Quarterly revenue largely coincided with market forecasts. Its figure was 5.99 billion euros, rising over the year by 3.1%. The revenue per unit of air transportation decreased by 1.9%. EBITDA amounted to 424 million euros, a decrease of 32%. The pre-tax loss was recorded at 450 million euros, up from 257 million euros. In the past quarter, the company increased the number of available passenger seats by 4.8% and the total number of transported passengers increased by only 3%, amounting to 22.67 million people. This reduced the workload of flights to 86.3%.

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